Comics Invasion in Berlin 2016

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Comic invasion 2016 Berlin

Recently, our all-beloved Urban Spree was hosting a Comic Invasion event, that gathered together around 80 comics writers, illustrators, artists, publishers and attracted a lot of comic fans and people who just fancy great drawings. The Comic Invasion took place from 1st to 17th April, and today marked the end of this great event for all comic admirers. We managed to visit the event on its last day and would like to share some pictures of the general atmosphere. 

The festival hosted also various side-events, like dance and drawing sessions, art performances, workshops, shadow theatre shows and many others. We dare say that despite being a comics event by its definition, Comic Invasion did not turn out to be a Berliner Comic-Con. And we think this is great, as the type of this gathering had a different nature. This exhibition was not about popular superheroes and their adventures, but mostly about indie publishers presenting their tedious work and scrupulous illustration techniques, developing funny and casual stories behind their characters.