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One of the most picturesque city in Germany, Heidelberg is located in the State of Baden-Württemberg and is the fifth largest city in the region. It is located on the banks of the river Neckar and has a great baroque center and ruins of medieval castle, that are embraced by green hills. The city was visited during the 1st may West Germany travel marathon, and as to my personal belief appeared to be the hidden jewel of the whole trip. Possibly those green hills that surround the city and castle atop make it extremely charming. We would share our ideas about what to do in Heidelberg as for a quick 1,5 travel day.

The city is old and one can easily fall in love with these cobbled and narrow streets, brick houses and old edifices. The old town is not vast and only one main street leads to the old cathedral a tourist can ascend and see the city. On my arrival the city was covered in white fog coming from the hills after the rain. Indeed a mystical and charming feeling that mist created made a unique impression about the city.

As was said it is possible to ascend the Church of the Holy Ghost, from where a view across a square can be obtained. But nevertheless, hold your appetite for castle’s and Konigstuhle panorama!

Sightseeing Heideberg

Heidelberg also has a beautiful stone bridge –  Carl Theodor Old Bridge (Alte Brucke). The picture of it can be found in the beginning of an article.

Heidelberg palace

Red sandstone ruins of Reneissance castle are set against deep forest on the northern flank of Konigstuhl hill. The palace was first mentioned in 1255 when prince electors established their residence here. Breathtaking courtyard and terrace panorama will strike any traveler. As said by guides, until Thirty Years’ War, Heidelberg palace boasted one of the most notable ensembles of buildings in the Holy Roman Empire. In the late 17th century the palace was attacked a lot of times and was destroyed by French in the War of the Grand Alliance.

There is an entrance to the wine cellar, where a huge wine cask is an object of tourist photography. Enormous wooden cask is about 3-4 meters high and seems to have preserved quite good since it was used. The basement is used as a restaurant and wine degustation hall for herds of tourists.

Heidelberg university is the oldest university in Germany and was established in 1386. It is also known under the name of Ruperto Carola and is one of the strongest research universities in Europe. In 1386 Ruprecht I, Elector Palatine, received the Pope’s permission to establish the university in his residential city of Heidelberg. The university has a modern library located in a really old edifice, which also contains an old books exhibition in the hall.

Lifehack: if you want to go to Konigstuhle you can leave your backpack in one of the lockers of the university’s library. Just have a deposit for 2 EUR.

Another thing is – an exhausted traveler can have a great meal in the canteen nearby. You do not need to be a student for that.

Heidelberg university's library
Heidelberg university’s library


Last but not least is a Konigstuhl hill, which arises on 567 meters over the city. You can take the famous funicular from the very bottom of the city, or near the castle, or try to walk on foot. I did manage to walk half way till the old wooden wagon funicular which takes you directly to the top.

Sightseeing Heideberg

The breathtaking panorama of the city is opening under your feet. The exit from the funicular leads to the something like children’ amusement park, eagles preservation station and marked routes though the hills.

All in all, the city had a great impression on me. To be frank there are also a lot more things to do in the city – like visiting the Heidelberg’s Zoo, museums, church of the Holy Ghost, etc. As referring to an old German film, all I can say is “Ich hab meine Herz in Heidelberg verloren” which means “I lost my heart in Heidelberg”, and I cannot but agree more.

Sightseeing Heideberg



A video clip and a famous song written in 20’s about Heidelberg.