How to survive 12 hours at Octoberfest

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Octoberfest is the biggest festival in Bavaria and word known event that attracts hundreds of thousand tourists every year. As the accommodation during the festival increases immensely, we decided to visit Munchen only for a day. Our assumption is that only a trained body can survive 12 hours drinking marathon.

A short background of the festival

Back in 1810 Crown Prince Ludwig was getting married to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen and it all happened on 12th October. The future king invited citizens to celebrate with him and the celebration of the royal wedding was held on fields in front of the palace, later named in honor of the Crown Princess as Theresienwiese (“Theresa’s fields”), now the place mentioned by locals as simply “Wies’n”. Festivities featured horse racing and other events, until in 1896 the vast majority of beer tents replaced smaller stands. Since then it became a competition of breweries to deliver the best beer for the visitors.


The general atmosphere

In the city, everybody seems to celebrate that festival despite the day of the week. Arriving on Thursday we saw a lot of people heading to the celebration wearing dirndl and lederhosen (traditional outfit if you don’t know it yet).





A strange feeling to see a person wearing a costume to head to the office, and a man wearing leather trousers heading to fill up his thirst for great beer.


How was the Oktoberfest in 2015 and how can you make it in one day?

Going to Oktoberfest for one day is possible, but tiresome. There are a lot of night buses from Berlin to Munich that arrive early in the morning. After a breakfast in the city, perhaps scarce visiting of old town head to Wies’n fields, where everything starts at 10.00. At least the beer tents are welcoming its first visitors.





Once there, don’t leave your seats as after leaving the pavillion a lot of tables will be reserved after 15.00 and it will be overcrowded. If you think that 0,5 liters mug exists – do not fool yourself, it’s only a challenge to the bottom (however an alcoholic-free beer is presented as well).




The first couple of mugs are disappearing in a calm, chatty atmosphere, but once the brand orchestra is on stage – everybody is getting wild. You start dancing on a bench, later on the table, meanwhile greeting and cheering your next table drinking neighbors. Even merrier and crazier in the evening, where there is no place to seat.

Octoberfest-01.10-travels-in-germany-18 Octoberfest-01.10-travels-in-germany-16

We also tried to visit other pavilions, but they were already full so could not collocate a company of 6 persons. They did differ in a public which is visiting the place and both in decorations.

The Oktoberfest is not only about drinking – it is more about chatting, having great time and meeting new people while drinking good beer in a heavy glass mugs and incessantly raising your arm once your hear magical “Prost!”. There is always a room to try something new, and Oktoberfest is the thing one should experience for sure.