The faces of Carnival of cultures in Berlin

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The carnival of Cultures which takes place in Berlin annually is probably one of the most vivid and colorful events one can see in the summer. Since commencing in 1999, the Carnival brings a lot of tourists and Berliners to join the event, eat street food and simply get into the feasting atmosphere.

KdK is open to all and all forms of cultural expression. It is a platform for empowerment and play with identity with space for both traditional and contemporary elements. It includes and attracts all age groups, professional artists and amateurs, people from all walks of life – KDK’s official website

Indeed, the event is a demonstration of equality, tolerance and multiculturalism. The Carnival has long ago stepped out of the limitations of presenting cultural peculiarities of different nationalities. At the event, an observer can spot the procession for vegetarian movement, salsa schools and other groups of people, united by the same idea.

On Sunday, the Parade itself tooks place. Collecting close to 5000 participants, engaged in processions, it takes about 6 hours for participants to march from Hermanplatz to the finish point at Yorckstraße.

We offer to take a look at our short photo report from the event and look at the faces of the Carnival 2015.


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