5+1 alternative tips for Berliners in Warsaw

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Warsaw is a great destination for Berliners, who want to experience something different within close proximity. In our previous post about sightseeing in Warsaw we already wrote what one can do in the Polish capital. This time our report will focus on alternative activities that are available in the city. The trip was taken on Easter, which had its peculiarities.

Lets overview our main 5 alternative tips:

Wandering alternative Praga district with Free walking tour and National Stadium
Where to get cheap cocktail and a night view over Warsaw from 40th floor?
Cheap food – what do you know about Milk Bars?
Relaxation from the noisy city in serene Lazienki Krolewski park
Easter markets and Easter in Poland
Bonus: Where do get great beer and which bars to visit in Warsaw?
You can join the Free Walking tour Warsaw and go with them to the Warsaw’s Praga district. May the name of that district will not mislead you as it cannot be referred to Czech’s capital. Being the separate village until 18th century, Praga’s name, according to home historians, was derived from Polish verb prażyć, which means to burn, as it occupied a forested area that was burnt out to make place for the village. It mostly remained intact during WWI and was an industrial district, which sharpened its unique image. A lot of buildings were not renovated since then, hence the contrast between modern and pre-war architecture which a tourist can notice.
Quite nearby is situated a National Stadium – a place where the most of major sport events are being held. The surroundings are great to explore.

Milk Bars, or Mleczny bar is an establishment of a specific type, a sort of canteen, where dishes are extra cheap as they are partially financially supported by the government. In our previous post about Warsaw we already posted an address of a Mleczny bar, close to the Sigismund Column. The problem one may encounter – the menu would be only in Polish, but it is solvable if you ask some people to translate you some dishes from the list, or if you find a bar, where administration has also a menu in English.

For a three-dishes meal which featured tomato soup, meat with mushroom sauce and dumplings with berries I paid roughly 17 PLN which is less than 4,2 EUR.



The Marriott hotel is one of the highest buildings in Warsaw (the highest one is Technical Palace, designed in Soviet era on the right).

One should be aware that the bar of the hotel on 40th floor offers a Happy Hour (6 p/m – 7 p/m), where some cocktails can be bought for 20 PLN, which is simply 5 EUR. A great price for the cocktail and a great view indeed. If you manage to stay longer that 7 p.m. there, you can also see the night Warsaw from a birds-flight perspective. From 7 p.m. cocktails are pricing from 40 PLN, so hurry up to order earlier.


The park in the city is a great escape for a traveler who seeks some relaxation and secludeness. Built in 17th century, the King’s park features a range of edifices such as palaces, orangery, Roman theater and other monuments. It’s also has a beautiful and serene pound with ducks and Chinese-style summer houses. Perfect for a hot summer day.

Easter and Easter Markets in Poland
Poles are Catholics and they adhere to the religious traditions, that is why practically everything is closed on Easter. Bear in mind to buy the provision beforehand in the nearest supermarket. However, central establishments, fairs and markets are opened wide for tourists.

But beware that the majority of clubs are closed to the visitors on Easter. At least, they might not be that great, as the great amount of people are going home, out of Warsaw, so they might be half-empty.

Bonus tip
If you are hunting for great drinking adventures, you might check Pavillons in Warsaw. A place where 33 establishments are located on a rather limited territory. We assume it’s impossible to hit every bar from that list in one night, and we even don’t recommend to try it.

Other great place which serves great beer is Kuflei Kapsle – they have a lot of sorts: Indian pale ale, stouts Guinness-alike, with a coffee savor and more smoky one, as well as the great variety of white beer. One can take a tray with 4 beers in a glass of 0,25 liters each and delicately taste through each of them.


Do not be afraid to ask young people just on the streets where is the best Polish beer, where is the coolest club and where the best Polish vodka is served. We hope you will have a great time in Warsaw!