Ritter sport chocolate cafe in Berlin

Perhaps some of the chocolate lovers heard about the famous Ritter sport chocolate, a store of which can be find in Berlin, on Französische strase 24.

Ritter Sport is a German chocolate brand, square-shaped bar of which has rectangular shape and is divided into 16 smaller squares. This type of chocolate bar gained wide popularity after 1932, when the couple of Alfred and Clara Ritter decided to design a special chocolate that could fit in the sportsmen’s pocket. The bar should have been solid and hard to be broken in a universal pocket of a sportsman’s jacket. Hence the name of Ritter Sport was derived.
The confectioners were among the first who take a dazzling and audacious move to design a colorful package in 1974. From then on, every different kind of Ritter sport got it colorful package. And they have almost 40 different types of chocolate.
Do not consider this post to be a promotion for Ritter Sport cafe, but if you like chocolate it is worth going there. The cafe is also a shop when a great variety of chocolate can be bought. On the second floor the establishment has a small introduction to the chocolate production and a cinema room, which might be interesting for kids to visit.
A cafe itself occupies the second floor where one can order a coffee with a chosen melted chocolate type in it.
Meanwhile enjoy the photos from the place in a blog

Fun fact: To reach the height of Fernseher Turm or TV Tower in Berlin one would need 30 666 tafels (368 m.)