Flohmarkt at Mauer park

Special thanks to Madalina Buzdugan 
One of the most beloved places of Berliners and tourists, a famous Mauerpark attracts more visitors every day, any time of the year. If someone would consider this place to be a hidden gem, “off-the beaten track” tourist destination or not mainstream place to go in Berlin — I am sorry to disappoint you, but it received too much popularity nowadays.

Of course there are not only tourists who are amazed with the variety of stalls and goods provided, but also Berliners who recently moved out and hunting for a piece of furniture. The term “Flohmarkt”, or a flea market can hardly be applied to this place now. At Mauerpark one can find anything you want – ranging from T-shirts and hoodies “I ❤ Berlin” to old buckets, piles of cutlery and food from different countries.
Nevertheless it is a great place to come along on a Sunday morning and get a lot of positive emotions, having your coffee and trying to bargain for a Polaroid camera. In summer one can take a part in a singing contest which is held in the park. This kind of people’s karaoke is located close to the vending stalls.
Interesting fact: The name Mauerpark means “The Wall park” — a part of the wall is still remains atop. The vast space used to be a death strip between the wall dividing East and West Berlin.
We are posting these photos for you to get an insight of what one can encounter there.

It is Sunday afternoon, and I am about to go hunting for new sunglasses and a hat

Arthur Yatsenko