Classic Remise

If you are a fan of a car industry or just like to contemplate the aesthetics of vehicles with variety of forms, models and colors – the exhibition hall and car workshop Classic Remise in Berlin is a thing to see.

A living car museum is located in a former tram depot which was originally constructed in 1900.
The vast area contains hundreds of modern and also antique vehicles which were preserved to this day. As it is said in a ad prospect historic vehicles and old industrial atmosphere will guarantee a rare atmospheric experience.
The great thing is, that being an existing car workshop, Classic Remise does not require an admittance fee to walk around the halls and dream about one of these cars. Car and motorcycle workshops here execute all the range of services – from motor and mechanical work to repainting.
To complement the workshops cleaning and waxing services, car estimators, electricians and insurance officers and classic car rental agents are also presented in the building. It strikes as a one big car-co working place; however in my imagination I mostly depict hipsters with laptops.
The building also possesses a showroom and a restaurant with beer garden that makes it a great event location. Facilities varying in size from small seminar rooms to large event hall of 800 square meters can be reserved.
Additionally 88 glass boxes offer owners the opportunity to store their classic cars and safe them from unsatisfactory weather conditions.
Let’s dream together about owning one of these stunning beauties someday.
So if you are looking for a unusual places to do sightseeing in Berlin, Classic Remise if the place for all car admirers and lovers of ideal shapes and design.