Where NOT to go in Berlin – Abandoned Spreepark

The beloved place of all admirers of abandoned and maybe haunted spots – Spreepark lies amidst Treptower park on the banks of river Spree. The amusement park is located in the north of the Plänterwald in the Berlin district Treptow-Köpenick. It ceased operation in 2001, however his last years were not so efficient in terms of visitors and the management announced their insolvency in amount of 11 mln. euro.

The park was opened in 1969 as Kulturpark Plänterwald, covering an area of 29, 5 hectares and was the only entertainment in former GDR. After the reunification of Germany, the park was entrusted to a private company and following some decisions of the rising prices and other factors acording to statistic in 2001 it hosted only 400 000 visitors.

Now the park is owned by state. It was bought in March this year – before even some guided tours were available, but now it is completely shut down.
The park is surrounded by high green fence without any breach and signs to keep off (in three languages for stupid one’s) but it still nevertheless attracts “visitors” and “violators” such as me.
On exploring the site for my blog I did trespass into restricted area and was caught by security on my attempt to make photos on the open space. That’s where I was spotted after 8 minutes of being inside.
Why is it better not to visit the site?
Recently some vandals set it up on fire and previously bunches of young people were doing some parties in the park. Wandering the area of the park is not only trespassing and violation of the law, it could be also dangerous. That’s what I’ve been told by security when they guided me through the park to gently show the way out. There is a slightest possibility that something might fall down, as the construction are very old and it is really dangerous to explore them on your own.
On the other hand – the signs along the fence clearly indicate (a dozen times) about the prosecution for trespassing. For the first time I was only enlisted in their data sheet, but second time will definitely will be resolved with a call to police.
The area in which the Spreepark is based is beautiful to explore – it is facing Spree canal and surrounded by park.
Fernsehturm looming in distance


On my accompaniment by the guards to the main exit they kindly gave me a chance to make a few photos which I will share with you. More information about Spreepark’s vicissitudes throughout the time can be found in Abandoned Berlin blog. That article gave me more information about the site before going there.
The main attraction of the park – Ferris wheel. The wheel is still turning under the blows of the wind, which makes it ever more creepy.
So the conclusion that should be made from this story – trespassing is bad, and not only one guard, but 6 of them were roaming the place on Saturday. Nonetheless it was a great experience to get there, however I do regret that I could not make that much photos.