Where to go in Berlin – Nomad bar

Nomad’s official web site

This bar is special as you will probably hardly find another bar in Berlin with an esoteric inclination. This place is designed for full relaxation and harmony amidst Hindu music and meditation. The day of the visit, a concert of psychedelic music took place, during which you trully could experience a state of trans.

Nomad is psybient chai bar & visionary art gallery for all fans of Vedic thematic and lovers of psybient music.
On entering the location you should take your shoes off and take a seat on a ground or a pillow. The ceiling has this type of illumination, which reminded me the one from “Avatar” movie.

The menu has some special drinks such as herbal tea with Jagermeister or tea with milk and whiskey, as well as some fruit mango shots and other extraordinary drinks.




If you ever feel like trying something different and new, this is a place you should visit. It is also an art gallery and some artworks are being exhibited on the walls of the bar. The visitors are coming here to chill out and dive into this unique and tantric atmosphere.

The web site of Nomad bar – http://nomad-chai.org

How to get there: