Where to go in Berlin – Jam Jazz session at Neue Heimat

If you are a fan of jazz and like to listen to unstoppable beat of drums, vivid and energetic tunes of trumpet and piano while admiring contrabass measured rhythm – you would probably like to visit Neue Heimat.

During the summer and warm season at least, the place organizes jazz jam sessions – practically everybody who has a sense of jazz music can get on the stage, take his favourite instrument and just play, improvising melodies and amaze the audience with this crazy tempo.

The place is probably used to be an old depot or a warehouse, but this design enchants with its unique industrial charm. Only in Berlin establishments walls could be all covered in graffiti, tables are substituted by wooden pallets and old shapeless sofas could serve as your seat. More info and photos could be found at the Facebook page of Neue Heimat.

The great thing about jazz jam sessions – anyone who has a slightest inclination to jazz music and can sing or play easily can get to the stage and simply do that from the heart. Nobody would judge or hiss – this is a free and friendly atmosphere which circulates here.
A short excerpt of jazz performance at Neue Heimat.

How to find 
The adress is  Revaler Str. 99 (Ecke Dirschauer Str.) – just follow the tracks to find a place 🙂 Check their website for more events to stay in touch

Special thanks to Julie Krauniski for showing this place