Weekend ideas #7 – Spreewald Lübbenau

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Photo – www.landschaftsfotos.eu

If you are up to canoening  and boating, you will definitely find a nice opportunity to do it in Berlin. The city has its famous river Spree, and you can as take a lazy sightseeing trip in a ferry, as also rent a boat in one of the parks. Nonetheless nothing could be compared to rowing in a wilderness outside the hectic and noisy Berlin. Just imagine hopping off at the shore amost whenewer you want, get out on a grass (unless it is a private property and tresspassing is forbidden) and have a picnic; or getting lost amid charming narrow canals in the woods. On the contrary to the wilderness and desolation you can also tie your boat or canoe to the quay and enjoy a sip of cold German beer in a variety of cafes along the shore. This place trully could be named a natural Venice – Spreewald Lübbenau.

The thing happened that we were there due to the occasion of seeing our friend off, and he came up with a beautiful idea to visit this marvellous place. It’s not that easy to get there by a public transport, as it is located about 100 km from Berlin, so in our case we rented a car and a company of 5 persons rushed for this adventure.
You can also have directions how to get there by car here.
The city can offer a lot of boat renting spots just to fit your taste. You will probably get a map of an area (believe me, it is really easy to get lost there) and then you are ready to sail with your loyal crew.
Ahoy Captain!



On a contrary you can also take a boat tour, and no rowing will be required at all, as to my belief it is more suitable for elders or families with children.

Photo: dbis.informatik.tu-cottbus.de
As being said, along the way you can see a lot of bungalos, so mostly it is forbidden to get off the boat if it’s a private property.
Photo: www.spreewald-bungalow.de
I should admit that prices for a boat are really cheap, however I do not remember the exact amount. I consider you’ll probably be sufficient with 2 or 3 hours ride down the canals, just take a look at that  calm and magnificent landscape.
Photo: tripadvisor.co.uk
The only mystery we could not solve is that why the city praises pickles so much. The traditional dish is a cucumber cold soup which you’ll find refreshing after a hot day in a boat under a sun.
Photo: www.panoramio.com. Central square.
So don’t waste your time and go out for a perfect one-day trip to get distracted from a big city and relax in such a beautiful place.