Tempelhof airport

The enormous area which is used to be an operating airport now serves as a relaxing zone for dozens of Berliners almost in the middle of the city. The story of struggle and victory of democratic values lies beyond this, however it may sound pompous.

Source: www.berlin-airport.de

The airport was designated by the Ministry of Transport on 8 October 1923, and the old terminal was originally constructed in 1927. The airport has a long history throughout that time but ceased operations in 2008. The great site area was not used and was about to be given up for building residential houses. But Berliners were standing for their right to use the area of a former airport for their needs, and they won that right during a referendum which was held in order to determine the future of the site. Thus, the struggle of citizens versus business was resolved, and now we can freely come here on the weekends.

Nowadays it is serving as a public free space, opened for anybody who would like to spend a day outdoors at a barbecue or doing some sports. Dozens of children can play football, frisbie, setting up kites in the air, while grown-ups on rollers and skateboards are enjoying “asphalt-wind-surfing”, a new type of activity that is available only here on the vast space of the former airport.

Another pleasure that you can have here is doing a BBQ. As you can see from the map, there are special places for doing that. As on our arrival, a lot of people gathered on the spot from the districts nearby, dragging their mobile grills and having a nice time with the family. If you do not have a grill you can always buy a small grill set for 2.5 EUR in LIDL for example. But please note that it is better to keep off grass these kind of grills, as the security might ask you to move them to the asphalt ground.
So enjoy your time outdoors while there are still last warm days in autumn to do so. Meet your friends, play some outdoor games and feel the last sunny rays on your skin.
How to get there:
Take a U-bahn or an S-bahn train to “Tempelhof” station and shortly you will came across a main entrance as depicted on the photo. Or altenatively, using the plan of the park you can reach is from the side entrance on Oderstraße and Columbiadamm.
Entrance fee:
Is free of charge